Wednesday, August 10, 2011


weee.....! actually ngyun lang uli ako nag post after a long time its been a year though...
happy ako andito si ano..,.anu// amats... okay lang kame...those whoi acts... kame pa rin/// we believe na were not meant to be parang ano lang kame..praneng na magjowa..well thats all/// mavinians thanks...mavinicksthanks din!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


hay...<$ ngayong umaga masaya...
kahit na hanggang ngitian at tinginan lang kami... ramdam ko na their's a possibility... cute niya nga e kahit nung nakita ko siyang umiyak dati... i know na merong ^spark^ kami haha! ayun share lang...

Monday, September 27, 2010

-----------GOAT QUEST----------------

well, while I'm libot-libot-ing our village with my camera i spotted some lambs on the road eating some grass... then, sinabi ko sa sarili ko " i should take some pictures of this for my blog...", tapus habang nag pipicture, lumalapit sa kin yung mga kambing at umaatras din ako, btakot na takot ako nun... sinisigaw ko pang "hoy wag kang lalapit ha! kain lang dyan marami pa!! sige lang .. o dali pose! smile ayan tama@!! habang sinasabi ko yun may mga taong nakatingin sa kin kala siguri baliw ako! tuwang tuwa pa ko nun e!! grabe sobrang kaba ko nun that time!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

yehey!visitor! ooopss... i'm out! whooo!! birthday!

Hi! Everyone, today Sept.26 2010, my uncle(tito) from ILO-ILO, visit here! I don’t know why! But I’m happy yet surprised for his arrival! I’m so glad at last! We have a visitor!!! Its been weeks since we had our last visitor!

Tomorrow is school day , I hope I have the guts to tell everyone that, I have to back out in our program!ECOLOGY! it’s a fund raising for our school! And whoever who collects the biggest money wins! Grabe ! kinakabahan ako!(scared!T_T) I hope they’ll accept it! Because dagdag gastos lang yun! And my birthday is near! ON OCT. 7! Weee! I’m turning 15!!! Yes! So stay tune for my next post!


I'M MAEGAN, a not so average person people used to see. well for me to express my feelings i created this blog... i entitled this ^lookinside^ because for people to know me as abetter person...
PINOY ako and PROUD OF IT.... nabubuhay na may kaya rin!! di mahirap,di rin mayaman!
....once again welcome to my blog! my name is maegan!october 7,1995 is my birthday,,,.... i love myself,,,, truly!
friendly ,giving and understanding as you read my info,you might think that i'm an average norrmal girl like other girls use to live...unfortunately,NO! i'm different! i have extraordinary conditions ... like ADHD,an advantage for me,to other person that helps me to become active... and more(confidential) yet one thing that i'm proud to reveal, is that i have a slightly opened third eye.... i discovered this kind of sense when i was four... i can see beings we people don't actually can believe... i can(sometimes) see whats next in our future,i can predict,know and stop whats going to happen... by the way I'm a catholic so I love GOD! he completes me! im a member of YOUTH FOR CHRIST.and i think God gave this ability to me,for my protection and for my loved ones also. You may think i'm a loner, weird, nerd but i strongly object to that! i have great friends in paranaque,LAS PINAS, and in calamba....
(wait for my next post of myself) see ya!!